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2120 West Broadway St., Vancouver  
(corner of Broadway & Arbutus)  
Phone : 604 730 0880  
e-mail: goodfood@transylvaniaflavour.com  
"Don't be spooked by Transylvania"
Tim Pawsey, Vancouver Courier
Published October 26, 2007
    Our first encounter was over a plate of some of the best cabbage rolls we've ever tasted: a lean mix of pork, beef and rice, wrapped in gossamer-thin cabbage leaves, drizzled with sour cream and served with a heady, tasty and well- textured sauerkraut, made more so by crunchy bacon mixed in... Read More ...

"Love at first (and second) bite
Great European dishes, well-priced
Mark Laba, The Province - Thursday, March 02, 2006

    When you have a restaurant named Transylvania Flavour, the opportunity for Dracula jokes becomes very tempting (…) But the cuisine is anything but bloodsucking (…). The homemade minced-pork and beef, are beautifully spiced and served with mashed 'taters. Delicious, especially dipped in accompanying mustard.
    (We) tried the chicken schnitzel with the rice pilaf option. Not a monstrous portion where the breading hides the poultry and droops over the plate, but a good size with a hugely satisfying taste.
    Owner Nick Cruciat, along with his mother-in-law Rozalia are cooking up some great European treats, best exemplified in the sausages, cabbage rolls and beef-tripe soup that Nick told me is popular with expat Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians and Ukrainians (…).
    But the menu is big, with chicken cordon bleu, beef stew, lasagne or chicken quesadillas and daily selections of soup like meatball, chicken noodle or cauliflower. (…)
    Desserts are also homebaked and each day offers new surprises like custard or walnut cake, chocolate brownies, apple strudel or éclairs. It's a small place with lots of heart and, if you find yourself wandering the Gastown streets in need of some Transylvanian hospitality and good eats, you'll fare better here than at many of the area's bloodsucking tourist joints."

"Hearty meals tucked away in Gastown
Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun - Thursday, September 14, 2006

Transylvania Flavour is a little place tucked away in a back-pocket street in Gastown. Locals know it for the fresh and hearty, inexpensive meals. (…) Owner Nick Cruciat runs it with help from his wife Joanna and his mother-in-law pitches in with the baking and desserts...
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