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2120 West Broadway St., Vancouver  
(corner of Broadway & Arbutus)  
Phone : 604 730 0880  
e-mail: goodfood@transylvaniaflavour.com  
"Transylvania's toothsome delights"
Katya Holloway, Vancouver Sun
Published September 20, 2007

    This story begins far, far away in the mystical land of Transylvania. However, unlike Bram Stoker's fictional fable, Dracula, this heart-warming tale doesn't involve pale-skinned vampires in velvet capes... Read More ...

"One eatery (...) serves a favourite to satisfy a lifelong craving"
Alexandra Gill, Globeandmail
Published April 23, 2008

    Sure, I have a soft spot for raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but schnitzel with noodles (or cucumber salad) really is one of my favourite things.
When it comes to comfort food, nothing beats a tender veal cutlet, pounded into a thin escalope, breaded and pan-fried to a nice crispy brown with crunchy pockets of air bubbles. Read More ...

"Satisfaction in a heavier vein
Going from the schnitzel to Transylvanian doughnuts"
Mark Laba, The Province
Published August 16, 2007
    If ever there were a place that could convert a bloodsucker into a meat-eater, this is the joint. And even if it didn't work, a hefty schnitzel wrapped around the neck would make a perfect padding to render a vampire's bite harmless... Read More ...

"UrbanDiner.ca | Vancouver Restaurant Scene Magazine"
Joseph Mallozzi
Published August 6, 2007
    I was facing a simmering revolt from my carnivorous fellow diners who had already started grousing over the possibility they would have to settle for the veggie stack or walnut-stuffed trout (all, no doubt, excellent dishes but not quite what we had expected coming in). Fortunately, our waiter returned with the good news.Although the schnitzel is usually only available on the lunch menu, the chef would be able to accommodate... Read More ...