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2120 West Broadway St., Vancouver  
(corner of Broadway & Arbutus)  
Phone : 604 730 0880  
e-mail: goodfood@transylvaniaflavour.com  
...She does some lovely cakes and strudels and makes the breakfast croissants as well. As the name would suggest, there are Romanian dishes -- Transylvanian sausages, cabbage rolls, schnitzels, and tripe soup. (…) As well as the homespun Romanian dishes, the menu features wraps, sandwiches, chicken cordon bleu, Italian sausages, quesadillas. (…) The prices are inviting and you can be assured of good service from a very friendly Cruciat at the counter."

"Delicious place to eat.
Added Jan 16, 2006 by Xtasia of Vancouver

The shopkeeper and his wife are friendly, helpful and courteous, so eager to please. I love these little places. The food is served hot, homemade and delicious from their wee little kitchen viewable from the seating area. Food is fresh and very affordable. Selection is limited but that's ok because everything is good. Definitely recommend you visit."

March 2006
Vancouver Dining Guide - Cafes/Bistros
Enjoy delicious European comfort food in this historic Gastown location. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try the home-made apple pie.

Our patrons say...

One of the best places to get a healthy meal that tastes great!
Michelle C. Jacobson – Coquitlam, BC

After trying Transylvania Flavour I may never need to go back home for my mom’s cooking!
Oscar Furtado – Vancouver, BC

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